Trucking – 2290 Tax Form – per every 3 vehicles$100.00
Trucking – Boc-3 Form$75.00
Trucking – Drug & Alcohol Consortium Account Set-up$125.00
Trucking – IFTA Account Set-up$125.00
Trucking – IFTA Clean-up & Quarterly Filing – per quarter$150.00
Trucking – IFTA Quarterly Filing – per quarter$50.00
Trucking – IFTA Sticker order $25.00
Trucking – IRP Plate Transfer – per transfer$125.00
Trucking – IRP Renewal $125.00
Trucking – Motor Carrier/USDOT Profile Update$100.00
Trucking – New Business Set-up$1,500.00
Trucking – New IRP Application$250.00
Trucking – Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)$75.00
Trucking – USDOT Operating Authority Application $375.00

** Filing fees are not included in the prices listed above. Filing fees will be quoted at the request of service. All filing fees are subject to change.

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration